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Write content for USA
Submit to USA based Social media e.g Stumble Upon, linkedin, faceBook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest
Keywords most search in USA
Submit to US based Directries
Add social sharing buttons

Add keywords
Promote social media.
Must add social sharing buttons.
Update and improve old blog content
Syndicate your content on LinkedIn
First connect your website to Google search console

Let’s now dive into the top 5 places to get free traffic to your blog:

LinkedIn is one of the best social networks that will help you grow and get traffic.

How’s That?

Simply go and click on “create an article” and post your article’s title and body.


Our job today is to go to our profiles on Quora and then we will create a space from there.

Create a space and name it whatever you want, then write a small clean description.

Finally, post your blog articles on the Quora space.

Simply go to the top right corner and click on “write a story”

Like always, copy & paste your title, body, and images.

Simply click on the plus icon on the top right corner and paste your link here. Your blog post will be automatically imported to Mix

What’s great about Pinterest is that people are using the search features unlike Facebook and other social networks, so your content may rank higher on Pinterest.

You can post your articles here by simply clicking on “create a pin”. Then enter your URL, title, and description and think of creating awesome visuals (pin images) to attract people’s attention, you can use Canva for that.

Let’s see now how we can get traffic back to our website.

Simply by creating internal links.

So anyone reading your articles on Quora, Medium, or LinkedIn can simply go back into your website through the links you’ve set inside the articles.

To recap, the main benefit here is to get free organic traffic and link back to your website.

I hope all is clear now.


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