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Best Portable Monitor For Laptop


Jul 16, 2022

Portable monitors are external devices often used to extend the desktop of a laptop, tablet, iPhone, android which makes you to work on the devices you attached it to in order to have bigger display. We have tested more than ten portable monitors from fancy ones to the cheapest ones.
Here are the three we came out with as our best among them

Best portable screen for laptop: Lasitu Ultrathin & Ultralight

Why You Should Buy This

  • Lightweight
  • Easy Setup
  • High quality picture

Where it falls short

  • It only works with supplied cable
  • Speakers not great

This portable monitor is very light weight which makes it easier to carry from one place to another in the same bag you use for your laptop.

In addition to this, it has a very great picture quality. No matter the resolutions your tasks need this Ultrathin & Ultralight Portable Monitor will not reduce its colourful display

When considering sizes, it is sleek and thin. With this, it can be put in any bag for easy movement. As you dont feel like carrying extra with your laptop

In term of setup, it is very easy to setup within 2 minutes.You just need to fix its HDMI to your laptop. Thats all. No installtation required. Your laptop can power it on without plugging its own plug. Although, it is supplied with its own power cord.

You can set the angle of the Ultrathin & Ultralight Portable Monitor as you wish. Therefore, you can sit at anywhere and still comfortable in using the monitor

Best travel monitor for laptop: Cocopar USB-C

Why You Should Buy This

  • Solid Build Quality
  • Vibrant and sharp picture quality
  • Pretty loud in-built speaker
  • Light and slim
  • No light refection

Where it falls short

  • No thunderbolt adapter for Mac
  • A little bit pricier

Cocopar USB-C Portable Monitor is very well made and have solid build quality with ultra thin folding case which helps in making the monitor to stand rightly.

The monitor can be connected to the laptop using HDMI to mini HDMI as well as monitor type C to type C port. In term of screen display it has very good resolution up to 1080p and very clear and bright picture

You can clearly hear the sound from its in – built speaker if you are working indoor. But if you have intention of listening to music, watch film and any related sound task outdoor, you will need earpiece for good listening

If you are the type that always be on motion, this best travel monitor ls perfect fo you. As it is very light; you will not feel any extra weight on you and also it is ultra thin; you dont need extra bag to carry it

With Cocopar USB-C Portable Monitor, you can use it both in house as well as outside without any light reflection into your eyes. This is due to matte coat on its screen.

Best attachable monitor: InnoView Ultra Slim

Why You Should Buy This

  • Well made
  • Metallic Body
  • Plug & Play
  • Good High Definition
  • Lightweight Monitor
  • Its Very Sleek
  • Clear & Crisp view
  • Built-In Dongle for iOS

Where it falls short

  • No travel Pouch

This 15.6″ monitor is very well made with thin structure, lightweight as well as good image quality view. It is not prone to easy break due to the fact that its body is made of metal, not plastic

You don’t need to set up anything, just use the right cable to connect them with your laptop and you get an extra monitor screen. its size and weight make it easier for you to travel with it.

You dont need to buy extra power cord to power it as all cables needed are included with it. Also, you can adjust the monitor to any angle of your choice to work with

It has Built-In Dongle for iOS which make it possible for Apple users without buying extra adapter

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