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Best Outdoor Personal Security Management


Aug 7, 2022
Best Outdoor Personal Security Management

Being security cautious has been one of the responsibilities everybody is now consider as one of the major things in day-to-day activities.

This is due to the alarming rate at which kidnaping, robbery, killing and other form of criminal attacks are now; regardless of gender, financial status, religion and political status of individual

There are some precautions or steps that can be put in place to reduce your vulnerability to criminal attacks either you are outside your home or office as well as when you are in house.

These tips here are basically for the security solutions when you are out door.

Have Current Security Conditions At Hand:

Make sure you always know the security conditions of the areas you are going to.
Don’t always think that you have been going there regularly.
Always call someone in that area to update how secured the place before you embark going there

Don’t always think that nobody knows you and you cannot be kidnapped or rob or being attacked. Always equip yourself with what you can use to defend yourself in case of any attacks no matter how small it might be like car keys or room key and so on

Always be very vigilant of your area you are if there is any strange movement such as
someone looking at you in a suspicious way or someone or car is following you. Make sure you quickly move to a place where lot of people are and don’t leave until you call someone or police to escort you out of the place

Keep Your Live Low:

Always make sure you don’t do what will make people to give you unnecessary attention due to what you put on or what you say publicly. If you know it is compulsory to put on expensive things, make sure you arrange with one security company to escort you

Whenever you meet someone, don’t introduce yourself in a way that portrait you as valuable or rich. Just Introduce yourself formally

Don’t discuss your business transactions in public or where people can easily hear you. As this might expose you to criminal attack.

Also make sure you properly identify the person you are speaking to on phone when you are discussing very confidential and sensitive issues

Don’t disclose your family movements or address or any details to stranger or known person you don’t trust carelessly

Always Change Your Doings:

Stop doing same things every time. This will make criminal attackers to predict your movements. For example, always change time you go to office, sleep, eat and so on.

Don’t always pass through the same route every day. Organize and keep it confidential your weekly movement with time.

Good Communication With Family Member And Neighbor:

Make sure you know your family member movement every day.
That is, when they should be in a place and when you are expecting them back

Always make sure you are very close to your phone in case of any emergency call from any of your family

Train your family member how to make your movement as well as other members movement confidential to stranger or anybody they don’t trust

Always communicate with police in your areas as this will make them to quickly help you out whenever needs arise

Have good relationship with your neighbors as they can easily help you out during crisis or protecting your property from any criminal attacks

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